Me with a gravid female Broad-Shelled Turtle ( Chelodina expansa ) before she laid eggs.

Me with a gravid female Broad-Shelled Turtle (Chelodina expansa) before she laid eggs.

I am a biologist who researches the physiology, ecology, and evolution of reproductive mechanisms in animals.  I am interested in these topics both because they are important basic science questions, and also because understanding how animals reproduce is important for conservation. The success or failure of reproduction by individual animals is a determining factor in the growth or decline of populations as a whole.  Thus, understanding how animals reproduce given the environments in which they live is necessary in order to predict how they will respond to environmental change, especially as a result of human activities.

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Brief Academic History (Download my complete CV here)

Current: Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at La Trobe University, Wodonga Campus

2015-2019: Lecturer in Ecology at Charles Sturt University

2015-2017: postdoctoral researcher with dual appointments at Western Sydney University and The University of Sydney

2012-2014: NSF International Research Fellow at The University of Sydney

2011-2012: postdoctoral researcher at Virginia Tech

2011: Ph.D. earned at University of Arkansas

2004: B.S. earned at Florida Institute of Technology